The Croatian Defense Industry Competitiveness Cluster (HKKOI) organized an election assembly on December 19 in Zagreb

The current convocation of the Cluster’s leadership submitted their mandates to the Cluster General Assembly in a highly transparent manner, and a new election of the Cluster’s leadership was organized. The voting and candidacy process confirmed the new/old president and vice president of the association CDICC – Goran Basarac (Šestan-Busch) and Gordan Pešić (DOK-ING). The following representatives of companies and organizations in the Cluster were appointed to the Management Board of the Cluster: Marko Filipović (HS Produkt), Ivan Jelušić (ORQA), Stjepan Groš (Faculty of electronics and computing), Ana Odak (MARINN-Maritime Cluster) and Frane Šesnić (Zagreb innovation center).


Over 45 members of the Cluster, out of the current 62 confirmed and registered members of the CDICC, attended the annual gathering and election assembly of the Cluster members. The gathering was attended by numerous guests, and especially important for the stakeholders was the visit of the representative of the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Croatia, Director of the Directorate for Material Resources Ivica Grebenar, who conveyed the greetings and full support of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Croatia to the activities and initiatives of the Cluster so far. Especially was emphasized tremendous cooperation and support of CDICC in leading the role of the host organization of National Focal Point for EDF. The representative of the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds, Marija Rajaković, also addressed the members and informed the members about the new tenders that are being prepared and in which the defense industry of the Republic of Croatia will have the opportunity to participate. Among the guests, representatives of HBOR, Adriatic osiguranje, Cargo partner, and Dyvolve consulting company also participated. Let’s also mention that this was the fourth election assembly of the Cluster.


“With this meeting, the Defense Industry Cluster has confirmed its leading and unique role in the Croatian defense and security system as a key and main industrial association for the defense and security segment,” said the new (old) president of the Cluster, Goran Basarac.

Croatian defence Cluster hosted military envoys delegation situated in Croatia