One of the main tasks of the Croatian Defense Industry Competitiveness Cluster (CDICC) is to actively identify, coordinate and provide strategic guidance for preparation of defence and security related ideas and projects in Croatia.

We serve as an active project pipeline platform for CDICC members and relevant public authorities in effort of preparing project pipeline related to DEFENCE & SECURITY Thematic scope. In addition, We serve as one-stop contact point and network mediator between Croatian Ministry of Defence and other Croatian public institutions and numerous start-ups and small entrepreneurs and innovators with project ideas and inventions related to security and defence scope.

With CDICC support, during Financial Perspective 2014-2020, Croatian defence industry sector contracted more than 75mil EUR of ERDF co-financing, distributed mainly to industry stakeholders through Operational Program Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014–2020, Priority axis 1 – Research, technological development and innovation. Some of the showcase projects are listed below:

With constant push toward relevant public bodies, CDICC has positioned Croatian defence industry sector in numerous strategic and operational documents: (i) National development strategy 2020-2030, (ii) Smart Specialization Strategy 2016-2027, (iii) Strategy for Fostering Innovation 2014–2020, (iv) National Security Strategy, (v) Long term development plan of Croatian armed forces, etc.

CDICC has proven and confirmed capabilities in providing opportunities to Croatian defence sector to apply to numerous funding sources: ESIF, H2021, COSME, EDA, EDF. The Republic of Croatia is the first EU member state that has decided to develop the SECURITY tematic scope through investment in R&D&I and incorporate it into this key strategic document for EU Funds usage. The SECURITY area of Croatian RIS 3 Strategy is divided into 2 key thematic priority areas that have proven capabilities in research, technological development and innovation projects, both from industry sides and from the perspective of the academic community: DEFENCE DUAL-USE and CYBER SECURITY.

If you are interested in looking for a Croatian collaboration project partner to jointly apply for a specific Tender or Project development, and you need quick overview of Croatian defence Sector potentials, please fill out the online form below:

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