EU Parliament Conference: „Europe’s security and defence capabilities – Lessons for the future“

EU Parliament Conference Europe’s security and defence capabilities – lessons for the future, was successfully organized by the Croatian defence industry competitiveness cluster (CDICC) in cooperation with the office of EU Parliament member Mr Karlo Ressler and the support of Strategic consultancy company EuroNavigator.


We have opened up many positive topics relevant to the current situation of defence industry capabilities and challenges that we all face in the EU defence industry sector. We were proud to organize, support, and participate in this valuable event and present experiences, insights and suggestions made from the perspective of the Croatian defence industry to key decision makers and policy specialists coming from EDA, DG Defence Industry and Space, independent defence expert (like. Heiko Borchert) and many others. CDICC will continue to be the lead defence industrial association in Croatia with a tendency to collaborate with all other defence industry associations on the EU level in an effort to boost the competitiveness of the EU defence industry sector.