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Croatian defence industry competitiveness cluster (CDICC) represents the umbrella industrial platform of the Croatian defence industry sector and a one-stop contact point for defence and security network in the Republic of Croatia.

The Cluster was formally established on May 06, 2013, under the Triple Helix concept that encompasses the collaboration of the private sector, academic community and public and regional self-government with the main goal of strengthening the competitiveness of the economy of the Republic of Croatia. Acting as the 1st Croatian Meta cluster, CDICC provides numerous support and services to Croatian defence industry stakeholders, as well as to public bodies that support defence industry activities.

Since 2018, the Cluster is organized and functions through a model of innovation cluster under the European regulative.

Network platform

Becoming a part of 70 + member organization: Industry, Academia, Government, Local and Regional government

Support tool in ESI Funding

Providing insight and strategic scope in ESI Funding

International collaboration

Collaborating with industrial associations of EU/WORLD in search for mutual benefit

Guidance in preparing strategic projects

Cluster provides guidance and strategic scope for project ideas/concepts of Croatian defence sector


CDICC provides counselling ina various domains of projects/programs


Joint initiatives for International Fairs and outreach campaigns


CDICC works on branding for Croatian defence industry sector


Working and providing support to decision makers on strategic scopes, documents, plans of interest for Croatian and EU defence industry sector

Meta cluster approach

Providing information and supporting services: transport&logistics, project preparation services, legal services (consortium agreements), lobbying companies

Regional/Global Value chains

Providing analysis/support to inclusion in Regional/Global value chains


members (Triple Helix)

Mil EUR Average yearly EXPORT

employed directly (3500 indirectly)

Mil EUR Contracted ERDF (R&D&I 2014-2020)


National Focal Point




“Joint cooperation and networking of all stakeholders that contribute to the defence and security potential and competitiveness of Republic of Croatia and EU with primary goal of investing in new technologies, collaborative innovative products and services with export potential and high added value and creation of efficient and interconnected defence ecosystem with capacities to deliver the integrated defense and security-oriented products and systems recognizable on the global market“

Legal basis

Croatian defence industry competitiveness cluster (CDICC) is formed and registered as a not-for-profit association. Cluster is registrated under Zagreb City office for general administration, and is a part of official Croatian Register of not for profit associations that is being runned by Croatian Ministry of finance.

In regards to operational functioning, Cluster is organized according to Innovation cluster model under the European regulative.

Cluster Management

Goran Basarac

Goran Basarac

Cluster President

Gordan Pešić

Gordan Pešić

Cluster Vice President